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a relationship between two males or two females ( also called being gay)
It would be cool to see a regaytionship between your mom and Eva Longoria
by Gnezz10 March 30, 2010
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When two people of the same sex are just friends but their interactions indicate something more.. If casual gay sex were socially acceptable between two heterosexuals, they would probably engage in said act.
My roommate and I are going to just stay in tonight and watch The Notebook while spooning in our undies. It's a regaytionship, though.. I mean, he put his balls in my mouth once. It's not like I dug it.
by PhiloKid August 31, 2008
Two men that are dating.
Heath Ledger's character in Brokeback Mountain was in a re-gay-tionship with Donnie Darko's character because they were two men that loved each other in a sexual way.
by Samuel Burkeman May 14, 2008
The relationship between a hag and her main gay.
My previous regaytionship was taken one gay at a time.
by Erin Nelson May 24, 2007

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