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a really cute and fat ass.
Yo I swear, your mom has got a jigglypuff. She make me wannna catch 'em all.
by Gnezz10 March 10, 2010
To occupy ones time by playing Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 (Mass Effect 3 will be included when it comes out), instead of hanging out with friends or doing more important things.
Yo Eliot, why didn't you wait for us to pick you up from the movies? What, you couldn't wait to get home to Masseffecturbate.
by Gnezz10 February 23, 2010
What you say to someone when you tell them something on April Fools Day that is true but they don't believe you.
No April Fools yo, I saw your girl at the club wit another dude.
by Gnezz10 April 01, 2010
to masturbate frequently in order to keep from going insane from abstaining from sex (ironically you will be making some stains)
I wonder when one of the Jonas Brothers will go against their purity rings. I'm pretty sure that they chasturbate though
by Gnezz10 March 30, 2010
A chick that is cute and hot at the same time. She has a body like a lady but is cute like a little bug.
Yo that chick with the black hair that wears the spider pig t-shirts is sexy. She is a ladybug.
by Gnezz10 April 27, 2010
When you accidently kill yourself when you are taking an extremely excruciating, painful, enduring, shit.
Some say Elvis died from a drug overdose. I beg to differ. He was on the toilet so he must have committed pooicide.
by Gnezz10 March 30, 2010
when you have a massive fart attack and you self-medicate with a dietary supplement to supress or eliminate your flatulence
Yo, that chicken fajita gave mad gas man. I tried to get health insurance but the doctor said that farting is a preexisting condition. I guess I'm gonna have to go through some beanotherapy.
by Gnezz10 March 31, 2010

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