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To de-evolve, to never progress, to never improve, to never move forward.
1.King of back pedal

2.Doofus; Moron; Dolt;etc

3.Immature Adult
by SoeJoe August 05, 2004
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A modern day tank with only reverse gears and extremely thick armour.
Since it can only move backwards they are chased indefinitly while absorbing much damage and annoying the opposition.
x player is a reewinder.
by Anon August 05, 2004
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To be a reewinder is a way of life in which a person does whatever it takes to win and overcome anything that gets in one's way. Many people who can not acheive this way of life themselves tend to frown upon it(see all other definitions of "reewinder") Caution:Being a reewinder tends to cause fear and jealousy in others nearby.
Being a Reewinder takes skill.
by Founder August 22, 2004
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