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These are 15 of the many reasons you could be a redneck racing fan, and here they are...

1.) You've never missed a second of a NASCAR race for the last 20 years.
2.) You have a paved racing track ¾ mile or over in your field.
3.) You race classic, exotic, and concept cars from 1940 to today on it.
4.) Your truck has bumper stickers on the tailgate AND the back window.
5.) You put your name on the driver's list on just to race for free.
6.) You're official NASCAR restaurant is your local bar.
7.) Your car has a NASCAR decal somewhere on the car.
8.) You have a "24" tattoo on your shoulder.
9.) You listen and fall asleep to country music 24/7/52/365.
10.) You pay your local dirt track $60 to race your 1985 Chevy in the Street Stock Division.
11.) You take money out of your kid's savings account just to attend your local dirt track races.
12.) You create a whirlpool in your swimming pool and race on it...for money.
13.) You get a citation for driving race cars on the road because your car looks EXACTLY like Dale Jr.'s
14.) The only shows you watch on TV is "Talladega Nights" and "Days of Thunder"
15.) You've loved racing ever since you popped out your mother's womb.
by Eric Cardona June 11, 2013
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