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The worst kind of Juggalo (as if they could be any worse). When one Juggalo (failure) mates with a Juggalette (roofied failure), their powers combined turn the female into a Preggalo. Human existence has yet to wipe out this race of redneck gone rebellious (but still redneck) beast of a woman. She chain smokes, usually has track marks, and can't fit her I.C.P. tank top over her protruding stomach. In essence, your dream girl...if you read braille.
The Midwest. No honestly, the Midwest. And yes, they're spreading. Preggalos are popping up everywhere. We all know that clowns suck. Rapping clowns with fans that look like the end product of a Ronald McDonald rape victim? ...sub human.
by John J. John August 29, 2011
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