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when you're dipping, and you spit out the window of your truck or car, and you didn't spit hard enough, and the brown dip spit get on the side of your vehicle. (this is most common with white trucks)
Brent - hey dude, you see JC's truck?
Morgan - No man, whats up?
Brent - dude, you can tell he's got a pinch in, he's got the pattented redneck racing stripes...
Morgan - HAHA! Funny shit...
by John February 22, 2006
Spatters of chew and spit on the side of a pickup. They emerge when a redneck spits out of his sidewindow, not taking care of where his chew-spit lands.
A: Oh man, have you seen those redneck racing stripes on the side of his pickup truck?
B: So gross. This guy must be from Alabama.
by rollztide July 15, 2012
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