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Fans of Nascar

living in Dover , Delaware sucks during race weekend. The town is full of drunk, redneck, Nasholes
Another Nashole got arrested today after he decided that everyone should be a fan of #3 and spraypainted it on all the cars in the parkinglot.
by Jessica March 21, 2005
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refering to men who are indecisive, immature, and just plain idiots. will not grow a pair of milos and man up to their problems, but will rather run away from whats really good for them. they will give up a good thing because they dont want to put in the effort to make it work. any range of men.

can be found at waltham high school
now hes just nashole
by Itsallinthename22 July 06, 2011
Someone who refuses to be passed on the highway.
You have the cruise control on, you come up on a car and begin to pass it. Just as you get to where you can make out the nascar sticker in the window, they speed up. You have discovered a Nashole.
by Blshtr1 July 29, 2008

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