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Redding is a small town (8,500 people) about 1 hour outside New York City that is located in Fairfield County. People in Redding are classy and of course preppy. Most likely if you live here one or more of your parents commutes to NYC by train. Parents make loads of money, participate in cocktail parties, and play tennis and cart around their younger kids to soccer and lacrosse practice. Teenagers have nothing better to do then spend their parent’s money on expensive clothes, drugs and alcohol because there is nothing to do. Yet, they still manage to take home state championships in sports such as soccer and basketball and eventually go off to the Ivy Leagues. Do not be surprised to see parents participating in drinking events right next to their kids. If no one is around in the summer; you can take a car ride to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and discover a lot of people from Redding there. Pop your collar. Finally, don't be alarmed if kids between the ages of 13 and 17 fit the description of an alcoholic.
Jim: How much money does your dad make?

Bob: 190,000 a year

Jim: OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU. Your family is poor why didn't you tell me? You can't live in Redding then.
by ctguy August 08, 2010
23 14
To be extremely hairy and gross.
I was watching a 70's porno flick and the chick had a full redding downstairs.

I saw this bum on the street and he was so redding he looked like a wookie.
by genericman October 20, 2009
114 46
Voted the Best Small Town in CT, Redding retains authenticity in the face of prevalent mini-mansion developments found in the rest of fairfield county. Looking for a gas station, restaurant, or ATM? Good luck. Roads rarely accomodate two cars at one time, but this doesn't stop us from pushing 60 mph. Although a percentage of adolescents attend private school, most of the youth in Redding develop their drinking stamina in the grips of public school. It's safe to say that most Barlow students have tried most drugs by highschool graduation. Kids have known eachother since their requisite involvement in youth soccer or lacrosse, and your best friend's dad was the coach. "Best car" in highschool was awarded to a super-expensive SUV, but the car you loved the most were your friends' old school volvos and you mostly traveled around in hoardes of Jeeps. We push drunkenness beyond all social acceptability, and listen to music that you will never hear on the radio. Popularity is a meritocracy; interesting people reign. Also, we're proud to be from a blue state and while the rest of Fairfield County voted for Bush, we were Kerry all the way. See you at the late night funk party!
He won the 30-rack challenge when he was 17? He must be from Redding.
by Officer Briggs December 21, 2005
204 152
1. The hottest place on earth north of the 40th parallel!
2. About 100,00 people live in Redding.
3. Redding has almost every chain store imaginable!
4. The mall sucks.
5. There is an infinite amount of stuff to do outdoors.
6. There has been a huge influx of So-Cal and Central Cal people moving up to Redding, which brings some money, but also all the BS that goes along with those people.
7. Redding is also the capital of the non-official "State of Jefferson"
1. This place is as hot as Redding!
2. There's not a crap load of people in Redding
3. Go to Redding if you want to work a min. wage retail job.
4. Redding needs a new mall!
5. I wish I were in Redding, I'm soo bored!
6. Redding is the escape for people from the big cities.
7. Redding would make a great capital for the state of Jefferson!
by 2_Liter_Turbo June 12, 2008
95 65
A small town in Fairfield County, CT. Redding has many residents with small businesses, artists, New York City commuter types, and local business workers. A great community with friendly people. Unlike its stereotype, it generally isn't overrun by rich snobs and their alcoholic children, although, like everywhere, there are some. High school students generally do get into drugs at some point during their high school career. The "deep" and "artsy", "interesting" kids tend to be the actual most popular and the obnoxious party kids tend to just think they're the most popular. There really is no social heirarchy. The test scores are very high. Most everyone in Redding is a liberal democrat, but no one is really passionate about politics. The roads are tiny, twisty, and difficult in the winter, but the town is beautiful all year round and the police always need some action so they're happy to help. New York City is just an hour away and the surrounding, less historically wary, towns have many shops, restaurants, and other entertainment. There are a few restaurants in town. There is little diversity, but everyone is pretty open minded so no one is likely to be discriminated against. Most people are healthy eaters and exercise often. The town lets you be very private if you want or very social with that "small town" love. It's not hard to become a big fish in a little pond if you want to be, just be prepared to push hard if you want to be anything more than that.
Man: Wow, that hipster is friends with that bro?
Dude: Yeah, they're from Redding ;)

Bro: Bro, how did we get 100 on that quiz after getting so smashed over the weekend?
Falcon: Dude, we're from Redding. It's all good.

Woman: This girl is a sensation, she can sing and play guitar, she's wonderful!
Wilton Resident: I've never heard of her. Where's she from?
Woman: Redding, everyone knows her!
Norwalk Resident: And they always will...

White guy: Hey, black guy what's up?
Black guy: Not much, you going to lacrosse.
White guy: Yeeeah
Asian guy: Sick bro. Haha.

Girl: My mom's an artist and my dad is a financial advisor.
Other girl: Oh, my family owns a deli.
Guy: Cool, haha, my dad's an agent for actors.
Other guy: parents are in PR
Girl: What?
Other guy: I think they have a website.
by FALCONest January 17, 2011
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A small suburb of New York City located approximately 1 hour (by car or train) NW of manhattan. Redding is often characterized as the home of alcoholic children and popped-collar snobs, but is in fact a great community. If you're looking to raise a family, you'll be hard pressed to find a safer, more wholesome environment for your children. The public schools (although ranked very highly) do suffer from some of the moral decay written about by previous visitors to this site. Supermarkets are close, with an even greater variety of outlets available within 20 minutes driving distance. Home styles vary from very modest residences to sprawling estates with sweeping lawns, pools, and tennis courts. Redding does lack ethnic and religious diversity, as it has long been considered less than welcoming to non-WASPs. However, all the cultural diversity New York City has to offer is only an hour away.
If you're looking for a safe place to raise your kids, Redding, CT, is a great choice.
If you're looking for a safe place to raise your kids, Redding, CT, is a great choice.
by moneyinthebank$$$ August 30, 2010
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a small, rich town in southern CT. A place were full rich kids. In Redding u have to at least be on a sport team. Redding is also known for its high test scores, making the kids very smart and good test takers. Around here its proably 95% white and very lil diversity. The girls will be wearin abercrombie, tiffany jewelry, coach bags and Uggs and the guys will also be wearing abercrombie , polo shirts and nikes. rarley anyone acts ghetto anymore except for a few people.
Jack: redding is so boring

Jim: ik

Jack: lets go hang out in nc

Jim: that sounds fun i have a lot of friends from there.
by ctgal August 09, 2010
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