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1. The hottest place on earth north of the 40th parallel!
2. About 100,00 people live in Redding.
3. Redding has almost every chain store imaginable!
4. The mall sucks.
5. There is an infinite amount of stuff to do outdoors.
6. There has been a huge influx of So-Cal and Central Cal people moving up to Redding, which brings some money, but also all the BS that goes along with those people.
7. Redding is also the capital of the non-official "State of Jefferson"
1. This place is as hot as Redding!
2. There's not a crap load of people in Redding
3. Go to Redding if you want to work a min. wage retail job.
4. Redding needs a new mall!
5. I wish I were in Redding, I'm soo bored!
6. Redding is the escape for people from the big cities.
7. Redding would make a great capital for the state of Jefferson!
by 2_Liter_Turbo June 12, 2008

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