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1 definition by ctguy

Redding is a small town (8,500 people) about 1 hour outside New York City that is located in Fairfield County. People in Redding are classy and of course preppy. Most likely if you live here one or more of your parents commutes to NYC by train. Parents make loads of money, participate in cocktail parties, and play tennis and cart around their younger kids to soccer and lacrosse practice. Teenagers have nothing better to do then spend their parent’s money on expensive clothes, drugs and alcohol because there is nothing to do. Yet, they still manage to take home state championships in sports such as soccer and basketball and eventually go off to the Ivy Leagues. Do not be surprised to see parents participating in drinking events right next to their kids. If no one is around in the summer; you can take a car ride to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and discover a lot of people from Redding there. Pop your collar. Finally, don't be alarmed if kids between the ages of 13 and 17 fit the description of an alcoholic.
Jim: How much money does your dad make?

Bob: 190,000 a year

Jim: OMG I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU. Your family is poor why didn't you tell me? You can't live in Redding then.
by ctguy August 08, 2010
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