addictive drink that can be sculled in less than 2 minutes (:
which is quite kool, if you ask me (:
hell yum. not to be drunk by people under the influence of alcohol, weed, or who already have a natural high.
"whoa, dude, the redbull was, like, in the can, and now, it like, gooonneee!"
by hanii_yo September 01, 2008
a Facebook code "I`m a woman in a relationship"

see Whisky
on facebook:
Sarah: RedBull!
Jane: what does that mean?
Sarah: I'll explain later.
Richard: can you explain to me too?
Sarah: no, its an inside Girl thing.
by jojoplay December 11, 2010
it among other energy drinks is wht keeps me alive and makes me jump higher at track meets!!!
"fuck! i'm having a red bull crash!!.." "COACH!!! WE NEED TO STOP AND GET MORE RED BULL!!!"
by shelbs March 08, 2005
The product of the circular candy Smarties after they have been liquified.
Boy:Red Bull tastes like a rainbow
Girl: No i think it tastes like the blood of a Klingon
Man: It's a bird, it's a plane.....
Woman: What is that?
Boy: No I think that is liquified Smarties!

(Then the boy realizes that he is all alone because Red Bull does F'ed up things to you when consumed)
by B-Balla August 07, 2005
tight as fuck
graet with vodka
all the people who insulted it can suck a dick
by fgsg November 18, 2003
Tom was drinking red bull and got stoned at a same time. He was taken out in a body bag and the Red Bull could give him wiiings no more!
by DiedonRedBull April 10, 2009
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