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The REAL Indian. The other kind is a Native American, see Woo Woo. Derives from the dot (a bindi) that adorns a married Indian's head. Is not to be confused with a Towel Head.
1) Foxxy: There are a hundred dead Indians are buried by our house come to haunt us.
Clara: By Indian you mean Woo Woo or Red Dot?

2) Anish: Boobily Boop, I am Anoop Poopidy Doop!
Megan: Wow, you really are a Red Dot...
by DoodooMan November 18, 2007
if someone older than 18 that sexually encounterd a minor and had intercourse without getting or getting arrested.
"hobz" is a red dot!...!
by obmit November 13, 2009
Laser Sight,Red Beam On A Gun
I Put Red Dots On A Nigga Head Like Rodman (thaGame Westside Story 2005)
by thaHooD September 17, 2005
it Means infared beam like in a Sniper..
i Put Red dot on That nigga head like rodman
by MackCane April 21, 2005
Also refers to a woman's virginity. In ancient China time, virgin females have a red dot on their forearm. Once they have intercourse for the first time the red dot will disappear, indicating the female is no longer virgin.
Last night, I stole the red dot from the little girl.
by chekamama January 11, 2009
The act of throwing yourself out of a tall building to escape stress or stupidity from work.
I am about to red dot myself if the tapping doesn't stop!
by RounderBK May 25, 2004
A derogatory term for a person of Indian descent; India being their ancestral home. Named for the inclination of Indians to where a dot, often red, in the middle of their foreheads; a sign of the Hindu faith.
Billy: Man, I hooked up with this Indian bitch last night!

Steve: Was she cherokee or red-dot?

Billy: Red-dot. She said she was from New Delhi.
by Scott September 25, 2003
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