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5 definitions by obmit

if someone older than 18 that sexually encounterd a minor and had intercourse without getting or getting arrested.
"hobz" is a red dot!...!
by obmit November 13, 2009
when a situation is so stupid that you are trying to explain yourself you mix words up and or call people the wrong name.
Im drunk like a skizunk. that shit is redonkalous!
by OBMIT November 13, 2009
a reply when a duchebag talks "shit" to you
your gay. gofyaself!
by OBMIT November 13, 2009
if some one accuses you of stealing something and axes where it is.
did you take that plant? nah, fuckimaputit?
by OBMIT November 13, 2009
A person who is a master of THE art of beatingthepussyup.
Obmit is aka as snatchsquatch
by OBMIT November 17, 2009