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The inverse of the very popular and entertaining Shocker. e.g. 2 in the stink, 1 in the pink; two in the ass one in the grass; two in the butt one in the slut; two in the boot, one in the koot; goin to town with two in the brown, etc.
She had rolled over as I was going for the Shocker, so she got the Rectifier instead.
by Joe Rectifier June 18, 2003
14 2
Someone who always tries to make things right between people.
Girl 1: Janet, you are such a rectifier.
Janet: What?
Girl 1: You're always trying to fix people!
by voluptuous August 12, 2008
5 1
when the process of recting goes wrong (usualy concerned with rookies). the rectifier must then step in to control the situation and rectify the runt. essentialy, the rectifier rectifies a careless rect of a runt so that it is runtable.
"what the fuck, these skins have come apart!"
"good job they call me the rectifier then init rookie"
by daVilse August 03, 2005
1 0