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Reardonesque - rear·done·esque


1. unbelievable; usually in reference to a personal achievement: “Joe’s claim of on-sight free soloing White Maiden’s Walkway is Reardonesque.”


1. an exaggerated boast or statement that goes beyond credibility: “Dave has been spraying Reardonesque stories of his exploits at the Quarry.”
Origins and popularization of the term

Reardonesque became part of the Southern California rock climber’s lexicon in 2006- 2007. It’s origins are from the late Michael Reardon’s (1965- 2007) false claims of world-class rockclimbing free-solos. The term Reardonesque is generally used as a mockery when a bald-face liar makes over-blown claims of personal achievement.
by Biggy Blort September 23, 2007
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