A facist president in the 80's who fucked over the whole country. His arrogance towards the minorities and the youth, spawned youth movements all over the country. He was known for Reaganomics, which is a drip down effect, which was that the rich people get richer, the poor get poorer, and the country fails financialy. The punk movement in America was at its prime durring the Reagan years, he stood as the ultimate enemy for any angry youth in the culture. After Reagan resigned, the hardcore movement in America pretty much dies. Which is why all that shit like emo came out, because there was nothing to get mad at anymore, so they just cried about stupid shit, like girls. George Bush is now putting the country in an even worse state than Reagan did. Hopefully something good will come out of this. Another punk movement. The rise of a new age of hardcore in America.
Reagan sucked, but because of him a culture was created that fought the system, and gave the youth the insentive to speak up for themselves.
by Henry FAX! May 23, 2006
Top Definition
Ultra ballin girl that's usually blond and totally fun! She's random and crazy but people love her ... Can be pushy just don't make her mad...she's pretty tough
Dude#1: man that girl is hot
Dude#2: Reagan?... she's crazy
Dude#3: don't tell her either of those things or she will knock your face off!
by Heyheyhey...hey there February 02, 2012
She's always nice. She has the best singing voice. She's sometimes shy. She is always there for people. Even if she doesn't like you or is mad at you she is always there if your hurt. Shes usually very blonde!! She can get a little fiesty sometimes. Once she's in a bad mood her mood doesn't change. She is very athletic and flexible. She loves her friends no matter what. She is the most trust worthy person ever. Is very pretty. She falls for guys way to quick and easily. She likes to flirt but doesn't usually. Guys fall for her but they never tell her. She tries to not lie or hate people. People with this name are usually Christian.
Idk Reagan
by Me that's right I'm me October 09, 2013
A seemingly cute but badass girl who will take shit from no one. Likes music and is a great singer. Sometimes insecure but is there for you no matter what people say. A shoulder to cry on and has a hilarious and dirty mind. Nerdy as hell. Very smart intellectually, but sometimes lacks common sense.The best girlfriend or BFF to ever have.
by LaceAndStripes12345 December 19, 2013
Reigned supreme as American President from 1980-1988. Always talking about lowering taxes and small government, but, in fact tripled the national debt during his 2 terms and whose administration produced several scandals, though he was ignorant of these misdeeds. He never really did anything positive to speak of. The Soviets did go bankrupt at some point during or after his rule and there could be a correlation drawn there, but it was inevitable and less his doing than the doing of the military industrial complex. Most likely, his popularity is celebrated by ignorant conservatives (and the super rich) who enjoy hearing buzz words and don't look at the facts.

He is funny to watch on youtube cuz he is painfully ignorant and condescending in his famous lil retort, 'Heh, there you go again.' In reference to his opponents' arguments during debate.
'What? You think that the economy was good during the 80s? You're a real Reagan.'

'Man, I can't believe how little research you've done, you f**cking Reagan!'

'Stop talking out of your a**, Reagan.'

A response to someone who doesn't seem to know what they are talking about:

'Okay, Reagan.'

'Man, I think I huffed glue too long yesterday, I feel like a real Reagan!'
by JohnBurgundy March 07, 2010
reagan is a really sweet boy who is always interested in what you are doing. He is mysterious and is someone you have yet to find more about !
hey its reagan over there, cutiee
by guess who............... June 13, 2012
a) Excellent; first-rate
b)In a casual manner; nonchalantly

a)The state or quality of being "cool".
To be used synonymously with the word "cool" as in, "those boots are Reagan" or "I lost my Reagan and just slapped him in the mouth."
by Sauce80 February 10, 2012
1)Verb: used to order someone to tear/take something down, or to destroy something regardless of whether it was already going to be taken down or not.
Source: ????^_^?????, N/A
Verb) To be overrated.

noun: Most over Rated President of all time.
Supply Side Economics is so Reagan.
by ????^_^????? January 12, 2008
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