since reagans are so unique and ultracool, people always want to be one but can't. reagans are hot and BALLIN! don't mess with reagans.
A. wow look at that girl!
B. shes such a reagan.
one who seems to be super cool and confident
.. you are being such a reagan about this
by Massie June 25, 2005
Verb: used to order someone to tear/take something down, or to destroy something regardless of whether it was already going to be taken down or not.

Like when Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down the berlin wall.
guy 1: dude that chick totally blew my boss.

guy 2: you need to reagan that muddafucker up.
by kid_1745 November 06, 2007
Not the best actor but for sure one of the USA's best presidents. He revived the economy, made Americans feel proud of their country again and helped to bring the communist Soviet Union down and thus free millions of people from dictatorship.
Also in modern use a synonym for a really awesome, cool, hot and outstanding person.
Guy A: So who's the Reagan in your school?
Guy B: It's that chick over there, you know the hot one with the miniskirt and the big boobs.
by italian_stallion! November 12, 2007
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