a) Excellent; first-rate
b)In a casual manner; nonchalantly

a)The state or quality of being "cool".
To be used synonymously with the word "cool" as in, "those boots are Reagan" or "I lost my Reagan and just slapped him in the mouth."
by Sauce80 February 10, 2012
Reagan - something define as small, tiny, itty bitty, petite, etc.
Wow look at that Reagan orange, its so cute.

What size shirt do you wear?

A Reagan.
by cshurtz October 21, 2011
A male with a small erected penis of size 3 inches. Doesn't have much self pride and enjoys getting authority involved over pety events.

A man of ignorance, shame, and fear.
That kid must be a Reagan Li to call the cops.
by SMDBETCH January 10, 2012
One of America's greatest Presidents. Presided over immense prosperity resulting from his informed and effective policies. Great communicator, effective diplomat and well versed on the issues. Mindless liberals who have no clue about economics and foreign policy despise him.
He beat that thief like Reagan beating Mondale.
by Mr. Conservative, II February 22, 2013
Going through a full 24 hours without making a single mistake
I have been reaganing since 4 o' clock yesterday!
by henaug October 22, 2010
a beautiful funny girl, usually blonde. spontaneous.

you want her.
shes perfect. shes my reagan.
by rawrrrrawrr July 24, 2010
since reagans are so unique and ultracool, people always want to be one but can't. reagans are hot and BALLIN! don't mess with reagans.
A. wow look at that girl!
B. shes such a reagan.

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