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Someone who shouldn't be trusted, A dodgy geezer, conman, if he hugs you check your kidneys haven't been removed.

to do a Razza: A car rental con trick

" hey whats with the old lady "
" oh I bought her off Razza...its his grandmother "
by Rob St Evenage March 07, 2008
slang for shit
1.I had Taco Bell last night and took the biggest razza this morning.

2.Ive never met a bigger piece of Razza until i met Rich Razza himself.
by GotchaBitch April 07, 2015
A word which is used to describe something positive,exciting or generally good.It may also be used to describe someone who is hyper or energetic.
"Man i just hit rank 45!"
by charles mcswag August 21, 2014
when you cant be fucked with what someone has to say, just say RAZZA and all there Bullshit shell go away! Unlike other words its value increases the more you say it.
Thanks to Jacob :D
Telephone: ring! fucking ring!
Me: shit im wagging should i answer??
Phone: ring! ring!
Me: yes! what could go wrong?
...(pick up the phone)
Something that sounds like a sexually frustrated bear: this is alan PIKE, is melissa white speaking?
(quicly hang up)
Me: good job!
(pat on the back)
by Ogaan May 28, 2011
Um, like Rasputin-
to do a razza is to participate in a HUGE orgy
I had a real good razza las' night
by Pavement Fucker Extrordinaire February 03, 2004
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