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A symptom of becoming sexually aroused by University of Arkansas athletic events.
My Razorboner was still stiff after pounding LSU.
by MAHog December 09, 2010
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A vehemoth sports hard-on caused by the outrageous performance of the Arkansas Razorbacks, particularly under the leadership of BMFP (Bobby Motha' Effin' Petrino). Usually begins as a razorchub and through sports talk, articles, and whatnot becomes a full-flying razorboner.
Norb: Man, I had trouble concentrating today. All I could think about is my huge razorboner.
Drew: Totally. All day I look at sports articles about the hogs and stroke my razorboner. It was at full mast today. Ready to sail the swine seas.
Norb: Tell me about it. I got up from my desk today and rearranged all my paperwork with my raging razorboner on accident. Thank goodness I'd finished my coffee.
by TeeDeesNuts December 09, 2010
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