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Verb. To shamelessly chase money without regard to others.

As used on ESPN, named for former Louisville Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons coach Bobby Petrino, known for lying directly to everyone around him and jumping at the first scent of a buck.

See also: whore.
When the surgeon got an offer for $500 more per year at the neighboring hospital, he just Petrinoed the patient right in the middle of surgery!
by oren0 December 14, 2007
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Verb: to quit on your foxhole buddies, usually at the worst possible moment.

Noun: One who does the above.
Dude, I thought you had my back! Why'd you go all Petrino on me?
by Chappie December 12, 2007
can be a verb or noun...often used in atlanta georgia

noun: a liar, or quitter.


Verb: To lie or to quit.
that asshole stole my ipod and then lied to my face...what a fucking petrino!

Dude stop Petrinoin' me...i know you stole from me...just admit it!
by ganjaman52000 December 13, 2007

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