when you eat lots of poo
i ate lots of raw meat last night
by the face December 12, 2003
Top Definition
A white guy's dick
Girl points at dick---->
-Is that a sauseage?
-Thats my dick!
-F* its like raw meat!
by mooooooonnnniiiiiiiicccccccaaa October 21, 2010
Genitals, particularly male.
I ate his raw meat last night...
by Jibba-Jabba June 21, 2006
Lots of naked ass, particularly lady ass and fresh girl flesh
There is a lot of raw meat at Berkeley.
by Quincyy November 23, 2006
to check if you have just eaten raw meat, look underneath you right foot, and if you have eaten raw meat there will be a red do the size of a dime
crap, I think i just ate some raw meat, at least I can check on my right foot
by Dr. Cunnungham October 03, 2003
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