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v. to create intricate hand motions, improvising involved, while both hands are grabbing glow sticks. This art form is extremely popular at technology college parties where 90% of the people are Asian. Can be done at a rave (see above), or dance, club, party, etc. where techno (maybe trance) is played. Can be done with strings for the twirling effect. The basic configuration consists of a bent over figure-eight, meant to drive people on x out of their f'ing minds. (Also popular at CTY dances. lol...) Highly respected form of urban dance.
"Dude, you should see Devin rave... he owns the dance floor with those sticks."

"Yeah, well, Dave can kick his raving ass with his glow sticks."

"Jeannie owns them both. She's got raving style."

"Do you rave? Can you teach me how to rave?"
by OfEternity August 25, 2004
n. An underground party featuring a distinctive style of music, dress, dance and visual effects in combination with open sexual behaviour and psychedelic chemicals such as ecstacy.
Dude. Too much X makes you a raving lunatic.
by D'emon November 26, 2002
RaVe. When A Large Number Of People Come To Enjoy Electronic Music. "PLUR" Jumping Arund. Just Being Happy. Doing What You Like. Dancing AKA Raveing. Drugs Can Be An Issue. Its Your Choice. I chose Not. But What Ever. Usually Live Dj's
Dj's "Tiesto"
Loud Music,
Loads Of Fun
Lets Rave
Partying With An Edge.
"PArty To Dusk To Dawn"
by Ryan November 25, 2005
An intense, techno-infused party that happens before a corporate holiday party usually in a 9'X13' office (give or take a few feet). The "rave" tends to last upwards of 30 minutes and then employees go downstairs to their scheduled corporate holiday party.
#1 : "Did you pick up the fog machine from that lady on Craiglist yet?"
#2 "No, I forgot. I'll do it this weekend."

#1 : "Ok, but don't forget. We need that fog machine. For the RAVE."

#2: "Alright."
by YouShouldRaveWithUs November 24, 2009
An all night dance party. Also the slang used by undereducated people to describe "techno" music. A rave can be anything from you and your friends partying all night to 30,000 people ravin' it up inside the arena. Theres ususally some sort of drugs or booze involved and it isn't a rave if theres no beat.
ex.1 I went to this rave and it was mint.

ex2. Last night I raved it up at my friends apartment.
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
as a verb, this word has its origins in late latin, ravo, ravere, ravivi, ravisus, and meant 'a bathhouse party' an event now reffred to as an orgy. this ancient event consisted of people lying around naked, eating lots of food, drinking plenty of wine, and freely fucking anyone you wanted. there were also often exotic dark skinned poeples brought in to play an interesting blend of drums and to dance. these parties were abandoned durring the dark ages, and, though it is not documented, it is beleived that during the renaissance, these events were once again a part of a towns night life. it is truly amazing how little these events have changed over the past 2 millenia.
amo ravere.
ravo amare.
by jesus cristo January 01, 2004
A underground style of dance party that is advertised word of mouth or to put it another way, to "rave" on about a party to all your mates.
" Did You Hear Poppy Ravin` On About The Party Down Bello This Weekend"
by Keep-It Real-raver October 12, 2004
To wander in mind or intellect; to be delirious; to talk or act irrationally; to be wild, furious, or raging, as a madman. To kill mass amounts of people

R. - Raging
a. - against

V. - Vexing
E. - Enemies
The RaVE clan is going to own you on xbox

RaVE Killa to RaVE Noodles "hey lets go own some noobs." RaVE 1Shot1Kill"when dont we
by RaVE Killa May 15, 2009