Any person who is remarkable or memorable but for an odd, not necessarily good reason. A person can be a rattler for a variety of reasons including but not limited to height, weight, ugliness, odd clothing, odd speach, loud speach, speaking loudly in a restaurant about private matters as though he/she were addressing the whole place, eyeglasses taped together, body odor or odd odor, speaking to strangers as though running for office, dressing for a funeral in an old t-shirt and blue jeans, singing in a public place for no reason, wearing a funny hat, speaking about oneself in the third person, etc.
Did you see that rattler that just came through the door? He's wearing a red leather suit with gold fringe. He must have come through a time warp!
by Danny Greene July 21, 2011
Top Definition
A Variety of prescription or non-prescription medication of choice stored in a plastic bottle (prescription bottle), when shaken gives off the same sound of an irritated rattle snake. Rattler
"Man, chill out, you need a hit off my rattler"?
by BTLS fan, Bubba ARMY October 29, 2006
a person OR a vechicle, who chooses to put powerful sub woofers in their vechicle without dynomat, so that when they crank their systems, their trunk rattles louder than the music
Remember that fucking faggot rattler in the red miata on Robson? his license plate was about to fall off
by shadbolt July 22, 2003
A fart so low-pitched that it rattles the windows like a passing freight train and causes the anus to vibrate like a venetian blind shaken by a gust of wind.
Yo, beeze! You musta ripped yo'sef a new one wid dat rattler!
by Unka Pignuts February 23, 2003
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