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Slang for Rattle Snake.
Rattlers have a nasty bite. one strike and your a dead man!
by Maximizor December 02, 2007
A person that rants on and on about the same subject (usually in an abusive manner) in hopes to get someone's attention.
(A disgruntled group member complaining about free game updates)

So, the latest game you've got on here is from Feb. of 2006, what are we supposed to do, wait till the second coming of Christ to get a new game? Lame-ass. Can't produce any new game ideas, this group sucks, I'll be leaving soon if you guys can't come up with something new. Any computer whiz would've come up with something new and better by now. If this was a company, the whole board would be fired!

(Game author's response)

While I do accept constructive criticism, you must realize that people have lives, and that game making takes serious time. I suggest you to try making one yourself instead of being a lazy "rattletongue" dumbass!
by Maximizor December 01, 2007
A person that is sexually aroused by someone of greater stature. Commonly used to describe men that are sexually aroused by the thought of a gigantic woman. A person that loves giantesses.
The sexy Giantess was worshipped by her macro men.
by Maximizor January 28, 2006

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