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The Indian goddess of love, sex, passion and fertility.
The Venus of the Hindus, the goddess of sexual pleasures, wife of Kama the god of love, and daughter of Daksha (god of creation).
Rishi: Rati u buff ting!
Adam: On it!
by Rati August 25, 2006
Buenos Aires (Argentina) slang for "policeman".
"Che, apagá el churro que viene un rati".

"Hey dude, put out the joint; It's coming a policeman".
by Abel927 January 21, 2011
Nice little bunny
by Arween October 14, 2003
- rat like features
- low or no income
- torn or ripped clothing
- limp or dry hair
- steals things
look at that chick

yuk she is hell ratis

yeah look at her clothes
by super sam April 12, 2007
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