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the finest hot momma eva!
i luv u bijal!
by mani May 10, 2004
the sexiest mofo eva!
Arti is the hottest chick eva! ( I luv you!)
by mani May 10, 2004
a hot momma
i luv u!
by Mani May 03, 2004
a dude that is xtremely cool
Damn that Dudeski rocks!!
by Mani July 07, 2003
like awww... naw!
Crappity! I forgot to take out my tampond!
by Mani May 02, 2003
super suave moderator of internet fora known for inventive and hilarious photoshops and his smooth way with the ladies
Don't post your real pic in that forum - someone might do a mani on you
by mani March 02, 2005
mental-gone a tad bit mad
have u melted? melted in the brain?
by mani August 04, 2003

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