Her harsh, hatchet face reveals the construction of her mind.Looks like she has slept in her clothes and not combed her hair.
Not eating or sleeping properly all year means mrs.mad will be returning to the psychiatric unit.
by the same April 23, 2004
The woman who lives next door.A schizo. 60 yr old interfering old ratbag with a mouth like a dogs arsehole.Husband has cleared off, she was sectioned last year and lives on her own.
stupid sad mrs.mad
by agogo February 12, 2004
A nice or pleasant girl. Usually found in Spain. However they have been known to show signs of hostility when provoked.
Yeah I know Rocio, she's a real ratbag.
by Justanicekiwi November 30, 2009
Psychotic woman who also is very childish/neurotic.Has borrowed too much money and cannot pay her council tax.Last year she let a stranger shag her,then she sucked him off and swallowed his semen. Will soon be drummed out of her house and is bankrupt both morally and financially.Not sure where the husband is.He could be dead.House repossession probably next year.
The ratbag stared into the abyss for too long.She enjoyed it.
by the same September 27, 2006
Woman in her 60's.Mad as a mongoose and a candidate for Broadmoor.
Author: Your husband isn't coming back, he has terminal cancer and has barred you from the funeral. Ratbag:Dennis! come back! "implodes"
by someone August 14, 2006
Her xmas eating binge has given her a pudgy midriff, but the lack of food forthe past three years has depleted the muscle from her upper body and mrs.mad looks like a walking corpse.Her face has deteriorated so much that she now has a chin like mr.punch.She is waiting for her husband to return......
She is a textbook psychotic
by the same July 14, 2004

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