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It is the final stage of drinking too much in one evening/day. It is the progression from Dean to Dean-o to Deaner. By throwing ash trays at people on the dnace floor and parading around naked with a hat to cover yourself, you may have reached Deaner level.
Examples of Deaner level talk;
"I can tell by the way you move your hips that you are not a virgin"
"What is this? Sluts on parade?"
"Lets party later?"
by General Chang August 25, 2006
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a peanut, corn, or visible undigested matter filled piece of bodily excrement.
"I just dropped a Deaner."
by Diamond Ca$hMoney May 10, 2010
A sexy red-headed man who is EXTREMELY well-hung.
If I ever get married, my man's gonna be a Deaner.
by Tygerzwoof August 20, 2006

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