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A sharp, thin face, like the wedge shape of a hatchet.
She was a beautiful woman, but that hatchet face with those beady eyes ruined it for me.
by Stevarooni October 29, 2007
18 6
An unfortunate man or woman whose face seems to be collapsing inward from a blow to the face possibly caused by a hatchet. Commonly unattractive, these people attempt to give their lives meaning by fervently studying and referring to their inner-beauty.
Holy shit, I wish hatchet-face would shut the fuck up.
by NateDoggFoReal January 11, 2006
36 33
A person (usually a woman), who is so ugly that it looks like her face caught on fire and someone put (the fire) out with a hatchet.
"Yo Tommy! Did you see the rack on that broad!?!?"
"Fuck that! She had a hatchet face!!"
by Hatchetface101 August 13, 2011
9 11
Chloe Miller.
HATCHETFACE - Thin white face carved with a hatchet.
by JUlian SexMUFFIN September 05, 2008
2 7