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to get caught doing somethin illegal or that your not supposed to by someone you would not want to catch you (for example: Cops, parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend)
Pothead 1: Hey man you seen John.
Pothead 2: Nah bruh. He got rapped last night. got Locked up
by M.I.C. March 07, 2008
Completely defeated or "owned" at something.
Guy1: How did your basketball game go?
Guy2: We got beet 2 to 47
Guy1: Wow, you got totally rapped.
by unum March 04, 2008
1.Being owned in a game of Call of Duty.
2.having sexual relations with someone without yelling Surprise!
1.Dude, i totally rapped you in Team Deathmatch!
2.Trust me, you do not want to get rapped again.
3.OMMFG! I just got rapped!
by Aaroniscolio March 10, 2010
1. Made out
2. (Rap) To make out
1. I rapped to him last night.
(We made out last night)
2. I wanna rap to her so bad!
(I wanna make out with her so bad)
by gdawg April 07, 2003