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The section of Yahoo Answers where trolls run rampant, fangirls gather, idiots are bountiful, and intelligent people flee.

And then there are the regs. The regs are those who choose to stay. Kind of like that creepy dude in the house in War of the Worlds who didn't run away. He just stayed in his house. Weirdo.

The regs do not have initiation, they don't have a special list, they are just the regs. There are the few that have been here for over three years, the many that have been here for a year or two, and the plenty that are joining every month.

It is one of the most interesting of the Yahoo Answers categories. It harbors trolls, hatred, drama, among everything else you might find in The Hills.

Rock and Pop is a place to (not really but in a sense, yes) be with others who hate the world as much as you do and listen to similar music. It is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle. Rock and Pop.
Shouldn't Rock and Pop be in separate categories?
by NightlifeCommando August 08, 2010

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