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The act of responding to texts within 2 to 3 minutes of receiving them. This often shows a strong desire to continue constant conversation with a person, normally because he/she wants to bone the other one. It can be annoying to be around these 'rapidfirers' as their number one focus is their phone.
*Tim sends text to girl*
*Girl responds 2 minutes later*

Tim: Damn dawg, this bitch is on rapidfire tonight.
Derek: Yeah bro, it's obvious she wants your dick.
Tim: Really?
Derek: Why the fuck else would she put her life on hold to text you? Get that shit man.
by WSF92 December 12, 2010
A term used to describe when a mother or girlfriend asks you a million questions or gives numerous commands in a row when you just walk in the door from work, school, etc.

Very typical for italian mothers or girlfriends.
Mother: Hi, what would you like for dinner? Pasta or chicken? Where were you? Why did you take so long? Is it cold outside? Is it sunny? Where were you again? Why didn't you answer the phone?

Person: uhh...

Mother: Well were having pasta. Wake dad up please! Go upstairs and change, I don't want you wearing your dress pants at the table. Hang up your clothes!

Person: Ma' your going rapid fire, relax and count to ten
by Ambrogio February 16, 2010
a particular game of beer pong

two teams of 3 compete, with each team member partnered up with someone across the table. you only drink when your partner sinks a shot, and you cannot shoot until you've drank the beer.
this can be a very exciting game, because if your partner across the table is making all the shots for his team, you will be the only one drinking for your team.
Guy 1: Man I'm so hungover, what happened last night??
Guy 2: You were playing 28-cup Rapid Fire and your partner made every single shot! Everyone else was sober and you were
by scribblee-doo October 02, 2012
when you do a girl in the ass or vagina move as fast as u can
lets do it rapid fire
by jakebrloser22 October 13, 2009
When you catch your roomate jerking off through his bedroom blinds. While jerking off, he is navigating the porn sites with his left hand.
You should have been here last night when we caught Ray in a "Rapid Fire" session.
by rwhyre13 November 24, 2008
The sexual act of pounding your member in and out of a woman's vagina, ass, or mouth rapidly.
After completion of doggystyle and reverse cowboy, I finished her off with rapidfire.
by Z-Stizzy December 09, 2005
When one tucks his/her legs into the fetal position standing on his knees alone. Which in turn they relax there sphincter to allow air to infiltrate their rectum. When achieved one will continuously fart by creating a positive and negative vacuum with ones anus.
Tom crapped himself while doing that rapid fire.
Joe's rapid fire stunk up the entire room.
by Erik and Jim May 02, 2007

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