A guy who's creepy, and hugs or kisses inappropriately. He has a rapist lure. You don't think he would do it but definitely gives off that vibe. i.e. creepy hugger at the office.
Luisa: Ew, Al Just hugged me.
Maribeth: Ew, Gross.
Luisa: I know he's so rapey.
Maribeth: Yeah total Rapefest.
by M and L March 23, 2007
A feeling that occurs, when you see or hear something that gets you hot.
Omg, listening to Drake makes me rapey

I'm totally rapey over Kim Kardashian's ass
by Jo-Messica August 25, 2010
-a characteristic of a person who is attractive to the point where another person would want to rape the first person instead of normally having sex with them
1) "Did you see the new girl? She's totally rapey"

2)"I can't stop thinking about him! He's so mysterious and rapey!"
by Dee Metaldragon April 29, 2011
adv. ray-pee a way of describing video game dominance over noobs during online gameplay.
"Ooh, 25 kill-streak, rapey."
by CORE LansingMi August 31, 2008
Any form of unwanted or obviously inappropriate, but usually not illegal, sexual advances or actions
Girl A: Did that guy just smell my hair when he passed me in the hall?!

Girl B: totally rapey
by effyoucore December 02, 2009
A very sexy/slutty looking lady
Charles: Dude check that chick
Rupert: mmmm rapey
by superfunhappyslide March 06, 2008
A nick name for someone who has been raped.
Shame, you just got raped, rapey.
by HappyGirl555 September 01, 2009

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