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A term to describe a set of consecutive rants made over a limited period of time.
I went on a rantpage yesterday at the grocery store. I went off on the price of eggs, the selection of apples, the magazines at the checkout, it was on.
by YANKEES=2009Champs October 26, 2009
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When someone goes off an a rant about (usually politics) anything that both irritates and bores the listeners almost right away, and tramples all over their opinions (like the video game Rampage), but doesn't notice or care.
"There goes Olaf again, on a rantpage. He always has to shove his opinions down everyone's throats and I think he likes it that he's being a dick."

"Yeah, it's probably the only time girls ever look at him."
by joefish625 January 17, 2013
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