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A superior blokes name, strong and impacts. Attracts the opposite sex with his charm and passion. This name is also used in reference to intercourse subjects because so good. A person that's intelligent and knows how to have a good time.
Ranj is a lion in the bed

Ranj is so caring and lovely
by inbetweenUSA October 02, 2012
1. a penis
2. the act of having intercourse, or ranjing
3. an idiot
4. masturbating, or ranjing off
Example 1: Dude, my ranj hella hurts

Example 2: Damn Hans, I ranjed the hottest chick last night at Bolomon's party!

Example 3: Wow Lunty, sometimes you're such a ranj!

Example 4: Dude Rean, I haven't ranjed off for a whole week!
by Number7Hitter October 05, 2009
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