A lovable guy who just does'nt know how to FUCK OFF. This individual also believes gummy bears will climb all over his body and molest him thoroughly at nite when he sleeps and that if he sits on a toilet a hand will come up to tickle his leathery chode so he squats on the toilet every time. This individual also fakes handicap by claiming he is a chronic masturbator and cannot work but really is just a horny fuck and makes cord bracelets while he whacks it in public. This individual also hates any member of the powerful Koontz clan and their dreaded homosexual walrus-like sea monster the Shnagglepuss and plots how to bring about their downfall via deadly homosexual pranks. Finally Randy usually wears glasses and likes watching true blood with a cold beer in one hand a thumb up his ass from his other hand while dressed as prince (complete with glitter.) Various aliases are: cheeseburger walrus, inflatable elvis, THE fuck off artist, Bobandi
What the fuck ese' stop whackin it every time you see vampires on tv man its weird fuck off!?

Hey how bout you fuck off randy ya cheeseburger walrus!

Hey i heard randys off da cheesburgas?! Bro mothafuckas wit gutz like dat aint ooooff da cheeseburgas know what im sayin? mothafuckas wit gutz like dat are definetly oooon da cheezburgaz like randy's ass
#homosexual #fuck off #shnagglepuss #koontz #bobandi #randy
by chapterblack January 11, 2013
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Top Definition
Overly excited in a sexual manner. See also horny.
Do I make you randy, baby? Do I?
by Matthew Darke February 18, 2003
Always finds a way to make you laugh, has a good personality, knows how to a good time, really random, prefectionist would do anything to put a smile on your face, gives wonderful kisses, loved by many and hated by others. A type of guy a girl wishes she had.
Let it be known... I love Randy always and forever
OMG, Randy is a great guy!
#love #sexy #weird #omg #happy #always
by whocanitbe? February 03, 2010
The most amazing person you'll ever meet. A modern renaissance man. He's good at everything. EVERYTHING!!!!!

Synonym: Wow!!!
Damn man, Randy's good at everything!
#amazing #perfect #unstoppable #god #flawless
by UDfixer February 22, 2009
1. A feeling of sexual excitement.

2. An old term meaning Chimney, coined by Old Chimney Sweeps.
"Shall I clean your Randy love?"
#chimney #my name is earl #hot #in heat #horny
by Shay42 February 04, 2006
1. Sexually aroused, turned on, or excited
2. strong desire for sex
3. stronger than the word horney

"I'm so randy, it's driving me crazy!"
#horney #ravish #desire #belonging #stroke
by Katrina Amero December 22, 2008
a really sweet boy who always seems to amaze people with his kindness. he knows the right things to say and always at the perfect time. when he walks into a room he puts a smile on everyone's face. he can be kinda dorky sometimes, but it makes him even more cute. you will never find anyone... ANYONE like him. and yeaa, he is kinda horny ;)

Randy: nooooo!
#cute #funny #horny #sweet #perfect(:
by cassie lynn July 24, 2010
Randy is a very sweet guy who stays true and faithful in a relationship. You're lucky if you ever meet a Randy because they are the best kinds of guys out there. They're the type of boyfriends who piss you off but then won't leave you alone until they make you smile. He has a true heart and is always there for you. All of the girls that know him, like him but he only has one girl in mind. He is very cute and always has a special smell to him. If you ever meet a Randy, you will never forget him.
Girl: Dang that boy Randy is cute
Boy: Yeah but he has a girlfriend and he stays faithful
Girl: Dang, I wish I was dating him he's so kind and sweet
Boy: Yeah he's a real keeper
#sweet #kind #cute #adorable #amazing #faithful
by AliQ January 05, 2013
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