A hero who fights anyone, anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere and anyhow.
Like Mystery Science Theater 3000, A Random Hero has no control over when things start and end.

Usually battling a motley crew of baddies, Nothing is never normal.

Also, A Random Hero is the savior people dont count on being saved by.
Guy: You saved me...Who are you?
RH: Im Random Hero!
Guy:...I wanted Superman.
by JorReno November 14, 2010
Top Definition
A.K.A Ryan Dunn. A man in his late 20's willing to jump in vats of shit and or fish for the amusement of other. Is also willing to insert small toys into certain parts of his body for fun.
The Random Hero can also be likened to a garden gnome (albeit a cute one)
see jackass, jackass the movie, CKY, Viva la Bam or Haggard.
by jules January 03, 2005
Ryan Dunn/Plugs
"I'm about to get yanked the fuck off this bike."-RD, Jackass
by Lindsey February 14, 2004
Ryan Dunn from jackass,jackass the movie,cky1 landspeed,cky2k,cky3,cky4 latest and greatest,and haggard..and hes in those steve-o movies but those were gay..
Did you see cky3 were bam tells random hero to jump front of a car...It was fucken crazy..
by Chris Nelson February 04, 2004
A guy who decides to be awesome when the right time comes. Members of the legion of Randomhero are the real past, present, and future.

Also, Randomhero's tend to be naturally gifted gamers.
Dude: That man is a champion
Other Dude: Naw man, he's a Randomhero.

Dude: He got the game yesterday, and he's already better than me, and I've had it for years
Other Dude: He's a Randomhero, what did you expect?
by The_Randomhero February 19, 2010
A man/woman who has sex with someone who's been having a dry spell
"Random hero, having sex with Katie when no one else will."
by Katie's roommate November 03, 2009
A girl/guy you hook up with, not knowing anything about them. Perhaps meeting them that night!
Hey andrew, who was that random hero that left this morning?
by don23 October 07, 2008
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