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A beautiful, intelligent girl with an open heart and mind. Randie's are usually sarcastic, as we've had to deal with people comparing our names to the guys version, 'Randy', our whole lives. It gave us the quality of a quick comeback, something we're proud of. Randie's are unique, rare, and extremely lovable. Someone to be cherished.
Oooh, that Randie, she is so gorgeous!
by MissRandie December 09, 2009
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A girl that always gets the guys with her unique personality and beauty that overflows on the inside and out . she gets compared to boys all the time but doesn't care because she always have come backs that shut those people up. Randies that have blonde or light brown hair are the best! They are kind even when someone isn't the same to them but definitely NOT soft. Everyone wants to be as powerful and fierce as she is. Randies are usually good at sports and VERY athletic. She's smart and loves animals. She would do anything to be around her friends and some puppies or maybe horses!! Food is her life, "maybe some kiwi or pizza OOOO or some peanut butter"
DAMN!!!!! I want to be as cool as Randie!
by stacy ambor April 12, 2017
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