Top Definition
to fuck tha brains out of a fuckable girl
yesterday i Ramsacked tha shit out of Becky
by GangstaGangstaaa March 03, 2011
-Fuckin' shit up
-Walking in like you own the place
-Being Violent
"I'm gonna ramsack the shit out of you"
by cocomusgrave April 18, 2010
To ramsack is to run very fast then when approaching your target go to one knee and hit them in the groin.

also: ramsacked, ramsacking
Neil: Yeah, Zach was being a douche so I ramsacked his mother.


Mike: You're sure pissing me off. Do you want me to ramsack you?
by i like to slap bitches2 February 18, 2010
When your going to go to bed from a long night.


When your going to classify or put apart.
1. I'm so tired, I'ma go hit the ram sacks.

2. Mom is going to ram sack my clothes.
by iLLzgotSkiLLz May 13, 2008
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