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A particularly fearsome brand of dildo, the Rambone is 18 inches long with the width of a newborn's neck. Due to its enormous size, it has handles at the end, as it is operated much like a jackhammer. Not for amateurs.
Ned and Mabel had hoped that the Rambone would bring a little pizzazz into their love life; now they just hope that her pelvic bones will fuse back together properly.
by Ned December 24, 2003
To have sex with someone with the power and finesse of John Rambo. The act of Ramboning needs to be performed with care, as it is possible for the amount of sheer power involved to cause complete bifurcation of the receiving partner.
I totally ramboned this chick last night.
by Rambogasm January 19, 2012
Sticking your boner up a friends ass while sleeping over at their house.
Jeremy was passed out on the floor so i went for it and gave him the ol' rambone.
by Ramboner February 17, 2003

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