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An amazing orgasm induced by the sight of a vivid rainbow
Guy: It's starting to look like a triple rainbow! Oh god... What does this mean? It's so vivid.. *rainbowgasm*
#rainbow #double #orgasm #vivid #acid
by gimmini July 11, 2010
Rainbowgasm or Rainbow-gasm is an event where one experiences double-rainbow awesomeness. Despite it's name, it has nothing to do with homosexuality, or sexual pleasure. Though, it has a similar feeling as an orgasm.

Rainbowgasms can occur during a rainbow, double rainbow, or triple rainbow. Other causes include, but are not limited too: Viewing lots of colors at one, listening to techno with colorful flashing lights, or playing with a glass prism.
Dude, check out this double rainbow I saw yesterday.

Urg. I just had a rainbow-gasm.


Omg dude check out my new colorful banner.

#double #rainbow #rainbowgasm #rainbow-gasm #rainbow orgasm
by TheTrainRider August 16, 2010
to have an orgasm so strong you think you are tripping, have a flashback, have an out-of-body experience, or get possesed by a spirit
I rainbowgasmed so hard it felt like the universe exploded out of my pineal gland and i had to swim through it all to get back to my body...
#rainbow #acid #orgasm #ranbowgasm #kundalini
by Moon Flower August 20, 2008
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