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1: A colorful, challenging course finalizing the Special Cup in the Nintendo Mario Kart game series.
2: An annoyance.
3: The bane of one's existence.
(Often used during game play, after falling off course 4 times in a row.)


"I can't believe that stupid asshole picked Rainbow Road again."
(Often used during WFC Wii Online play)
by HollyMarieP May 16, 2008
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When you have a bowl movement and a flurry of fruity pebbles lands on the ground beneath you.
Kid 1: "I had a rainbow road in the middle of class when my teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom."

Kid 2: "Damn dude that sucks."
by GEArSofWAr873 July 24, 2010
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rainbow road is the term used for a line of ecstacy that is from pills of various colours.
did ricky actually just snort that rainbow road?!?!
yeah dude hes not coming back anytime soon.
by n!ckA$$ April 10, 2009
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When a male ejaculats all over a female; see 'rainbow'
"last week my girlfrined asked me if I could rainbow road her"
by sean & nina July 11, 2005
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When 2 or more girls (preferably more), each with a different color of lipstick, compete to see who can get their lipstick the lowest down on your dick
"Dude! The other day Sarah and her friends gave me a Rainbow Road, Jessica came first with purple"
by kcbxo April 16, 2014
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That one road on MarioKart that is impossible to complete because people push you off, you fall in the holes, a blue turtle shell is thrown at you, and other stuff. You get last like every time, and there's always that one friend that likes it. That friend is an idiot. The only way you can actually progress is if you get a bullet bill because you're in last. That Lakitu guy always has to pick you up and depending on which version of MarioKart you are playing, he takes 3 coins away. He's a jerk. You were already in last and now he takes the coins that make you go faster, and he takes his time picking you up because he probably finds amusement in it. Lakitu has no friends. Also, it's that road where getting Star Power sucks. Now you're going TOO fast and you die. You always try to jump the holes with your mushroom. But you can't. Because your fellow competitors are massive jerks and make you fail. If you're playing Grand Prix, this is the road that will make sure you don't win. If you manage to succeed in first place, tweet it at me. @MiguelAnimates. I won't get any, though. Because you will fail. Like always.
Rainbow Road Sucks!
by MiguelAnimates May 21, 2017
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