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A girl between the ages of 11-20 who is a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. NOT a lesbian. Rainbow was started on April 6, 1922 in McAlester, Oklahoma by a man named Rev. W. Mark Sexson (Waaay before the GLBT community ever used the term "rainbow") Sponsored by Masonic Orders such as Masons, Eastern Star, White Shrine, Amaranth, etc. Other Masonic youth organizations include Job's Daughters and one for boys called DeMolay. It is based on the belief in one true God. You do not have to be a certain religion and is by no means its own religion. To find out more information on Rainbow Girls and/or how to join, visit
Person 1: I'm a Rainbow Girl

Person 2: You're a lesbian??

Person 1: No no no. I'm a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

Person 2: Do tell more.
by MissouriRainbowGirl August 10, 2009
A youth organization affiliated with Freemasonry. Though it is not connected to the Gay Community, there's nothing wrong with a Rainbow Girl also being a Lesbian.
Are you a Rainbow Girl?

Why yes I am!

Does that mean you're gay?

Well I am gay, but that has nothing to do with me being a Rainbow Girl. You can be of any race, religion, and even orientation and still be a Rainbow Girl.
by GodzStr8edge December 06, 2010
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