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Turning into a Rainbow Day

A special holiday celebrated the friday closest to Febuary 14th

A holiday celebrating the epicness of turning into a rainbow

Celebrated by taking highlighters and drawing rainbows on the face and hands, while wearing as many rainbow themed clothing as possible

One of the customs includes video taping as much as possible, to post on youtube for later viewing

Pictures are taken in epic poses, then later turned into a slideshow to again be put on youtube
Rainbower 1: OMG i really want to put a rainbow on my face, but i don't want to seem gay

Rainbower 2: Good thing its rainbow day, the one day of the year where anyone can put a rainbow on their body without anyone questioning their sexuality!
#rainbow #day #holiday #valentines day #youtube #colour #gay #happy #friendship #video #pictures #highlighters
by Zazanomore February 10, 2009
Sometimes used to refer to the first day of a girl's period.
"Sorry if I'm acting bitchy, it's Rainbow Day."
by Palomitas27 December 05, 2015
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