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A group of devoted scientists whose mission is to collect data, raise awareness and save the rainbows, which studies show are in decline.
Tut is the fattest of the Rainbow Chasers.
I want to become a rainbow chaser
by johnalabaster April 12, 2009
7 0
The Rainbow Chasers are a fashionable (although still relatively small)
movement comprising of generally homosexual males/females who
regularly attend events dubbed
as a 'Kavsrave'.

Usually extremely effeminate, a common trend
is to wear clothes specified for the opposite gender.

The 'Unofficial' Honorary Head Rainbow Chaser
(as voted by an online poll in 2010) is Eastenders
star Adam Woodyatt A.K.A Ian Beal, for his
unselfish services to the gay community.

He was named for his ongoing support of the
Rainbow Chasers and there endeavors towards
living a free and alternative life!
Pablo was out again last night, that guy just loves a good Kavsrave!

I know, he's a real Rainbow Chaser
by Rainbow Chaser xxx January 20, 2011
5 2
Just a bad name to call a homosexual.
I think Carson Daly is a rainbow chaser.
by Fat Bastard May 04, 2003
12 9
N. Someone who regulary partakes in the consumption of ecstasy tablets
Guy1: Dude, I'm such a rainbow chaser.

Guy2: Taste the rainbow, bitch!
by Princ3 August 11, 2009
4 2