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The most amazing, pure, awesome, beautiful, giving person you'll ever meet. She's fun to hang out with as well and always there during bad times. You'd be lucky to know a Rahaf.
Hey you're the greatest person ever, is your name Rahaf?

Do you believe in Angels? WHY YES! I was just with Rahaf the other day.
by DeenAnnx April 17, 2011
a small hobbit creature who smells like a somalian monkfish
andy: that girl that you used to see.
ben: oh ye i remember
andy: she is such a rahaf
by sumai January 11, 2009
a shrew that needs to be tamed and gain some dignity and self-respect.
Nancy: Sheryl, would you stop acting like a rahaf?
Sheryl: You did not just call me that!
by Mark321 March 12, 2008