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(n.) One who is brilliant, talented and very outgoing.

Usually doesn't care what anyone thinks, just does things because you are AMAZING.

Usually explicit and rather interesting.

Exotic name with a matching personality

(v.) to be rather open and/or freely express thoughts towards various situation and things.
(n.) Raghda is the best.

(v.) Don't pull a Raghda
by maybeeebabyyyy February 14, 2010
25 7
A feminine given name. From Arabic meaning "pleasant" or "happy life". The name is more common in North African countries.
Raghda is dead.
by Rocknrose July 17, 2008
15 1
Beautiful Mother of great children.
I wish my mom were a Raghda
by is_ur_mama_a_llama February 22, 2010
11 4