the best band ever, every single song is good =)
by matttt October 01, 2003
Rage Against The Machine were a kickass band that combined rap, rock, and even funk together in their music and often sang about pro-liberal ideas and rebellion, and their music is often hated by simple-minded soccer moms and conservatives who have no taste in real music. Despite breaking up in 2001, this band left behind a huge legacy, and influenced many of the nu-metal bands that exist today(Linkin Park, anyone?).
I wrong when I said earlier that Linkin Park is the only good band to combine rap and rock. There is another: Rage Against The Machine
by Death Shredder June 28, 2007
Beat the X-Factor finalist Joe whats his face to the Xmas No1 spot in 2009, all thanks to Jon and Tracey Morters epic Facebook campaign to get their best known song "Killing in the Name" to No1 in the Xmas charts.

As a big thankyou they put a free gig at Finsbury park in London June 6th 2010 with support acts such as The Gallows, Roots Manuva and Gogol Bordello.

The gig it'self was awesome and Rage handed over a cheque for over £130,000 from all their Xmas sales to Shelter, a charity for the homless which the Facebook campaign also raised over £100,000 for as well
by Young Bolt June 20, 2010
Okay kiddies, get your fucking facts right, although Rage Against the Machine did hate capitalism, and the corporates, how the fuck else are you suppose to make money? Or even get your songs out, most of you ignorant assholes haven't listened to all their songs, they ARE not communists. And Rage Against the Machine is against the white power whores and racism, dumb fuck heads, every last one of you... Maybe if your heads weren't half way up your ass and you were mature enough to listen to the lyrics, and most likely have common sense, then you would. Rage Against the Machine is NOT communist, by any means, what so ever.
Rage Against the Machine was a rap-rock band that formed in the early 1990s and broke up in 2001.
by fdsafasferhgfdhdsgfsd April 11, 2006
Deffinatly one of the best bands, along with AFI and disturbed probablyy one of the most anti-political bands who boycotted taco bell.
i liostend to rage agianst the machine today and felt like thro ing my desk lamp throu the window at the white house
by pieman January 08, 2005
One of the most overrated bands in history. They got popular because they pushed left winged propaganda as shallow as the water in my toilet. Same as the Sex Pistols. That band 100% fucking sucked ass. They just got popular because they where so rebellious, something kids in their teenage years seem to love.

They also introduced the Che Guevara image to the kiddies. So we should thank them for the fact that people wear this cold-blooded murderer piece of shit that luckily got executed on their shirts these days.

Tom Morello was their lead guitar player, also way overrated. I hear that people call him the 'best guitar player ever'. Again, total bullshit. Hendrix, Van Halen, Gilmore and Jimmy Page's shoes have more talent then this guy. If you played the guitar yourself, you'd understand. All his neat solo's sound cool because they come out of stomp boxes you can buy in every music store. Really. This guy has the biggest effects chain i've ever seen.

This band proved that you don't need talent to become famous. If you make music that takes a piss on the govnerment and is left winged in general, there is a way bigger chance of success than if you acually have talent, but don't write songs about politics.

"greatest band ever?". Yea right. Led Zeppelin, RHCP, The Beatles, The Stones, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, The Who, Tony Joe White, The Zombies, Tom Petty....(i could continue forever) Happen to forget about those?
Shit kid with Che Guevara t-shirt: Rage Against The Machine is the best band ever

Me: No, they weren't. If you think that, you deserve to get hit by a freight train.
by Dick September 26, 2005
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