A band that while had talent, were a quartet of the biggest hypocrites in the music industry ever seen. These clowns hated capitalism and raged against the machine, but failed to notice they were signed to a major label, which is the machine, and were filthy rich, which is how capitalism works. They were activists, but as we know, thats the greatest way to market to the idiot fans who think they are oppressed when they live in the suburbs.
Rage Against the Machine stole your money and laughed all the way to the bank.
by Unholy Holy January 11, 2011
Rage Against The Machine is the best band to ever have sat foot in this world - their music ain't just some crap they made up like shitty pop music; their music means something and it is politically inspired. They were a great band and it was a dam shame they split-up. Their music makes you think and that shit is important!
"Tha gut eaters, blood drenched get offensive like Tet
Tha fifth sun sets get back reclaim
Tha spirit of Cuahtemoc alive an untamed
Now face tha funk now blastin' out ya speaker, on tha one Maya, Mexica
That vulture came ta try and steal ya name
But now you got a gun, yeah this is for the people of the sun" - for those who don't know 'Tet' (the Tet Offensive) was a big attack which took place in the Vietnam war and a lot of people died.
by Joeiznogood April 14, 2004
Politically charged rap/rock band from the 1990's. Known best for their leftist/radical political views. Often considered hypocrites due to appearing many times on MTV and selling millions of albums on a major record label.
by nameface August 08, 2003
A Karl Marx-inspired band formed in the early 90's, broke apart sometime in the year 2000. One of the most succesful political modern rock bands, and progenitors of the 'rap-rock' movement. Some of their music videos were directed by controversial filmmaker Michael Moore. Credibility is sometimes challenged, however. Tom Morello, guitarist of the band, claims to be a Marxist advocate but owns a number of expensive Cadillac automobiles at his LA home.
Self-titled, Evil Empire, Battle of Los Angeles
by SleeperInTheFire March 22, 2005
After reading the definitions here, the most overrated fucking band ever. Or at least in the top 10 overrated of the 90s.

Stupid ass lyrics, criminally overrated dumbass guitar player (make a bunch of noise and get praised!), and just generally nauseating.

Absolutely NOT A METAL BAND. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Rage Against the Machine are a group of overrated pseudorevolutionary turds.
by Galileo Humpkins January 29, 2008
Millionares who became rich by telling us all how much they hated capitalism.
Many of their fans fail to realise that the band and its record label are a big part of the very 'machine' they claim to be 'raging against'.
See hypocrite or Michael Moore.
I will admit that their songs are good though.
by JesusWritesPunkSongs January 23, 2005
A leftist rap/rock group from the 1990s who sang about the evils of capitalism and corporate greed, then made millions and broke up over money. See also hypocrite
"Rage against the Machine was a popular band among spoiled college students and angst-ridden high schoolers."
by Deej July 16, 2004
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